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I'm sick of strengthening "Alphabet 1" (the first lesson in Russian)

Does anyone else find that "strengthen" always sends them back to the start every time? until they are all gold; then a few days later, Alphabet 1 fades again, and it sends me back there. Is Russian just broken? I thought strengthen was supposed to pick random weak words/sentences from all over; not just pick your earliest non-gold lesson. I'm sick of sushi and mashed potatoes.

August 26, 2017



Just open one of the other lessons and choose to strengthen them instead (they all have Strengthen buttons inside). Don't use the Strengthen button on the Home page for a while. The lessons will strengthen eventually.


Try strengthening the alphabet skill separately (after opening the skill)—this apparently will keep it golden for longer.


I am learning Hebrew and Greek and since they have different alphabets, I appreciate that they ask me to keep strengthening these skills. Repetition is necessary for learning the language


It's not about the alphabet - that lesson is just about those specific sentences. It's just called alphabet because it's got a nice variety of samiliar words in one place; but I'm so far down the tree, that everything shows the alphabet.


I've noticed that 'strengthen' has started giving me bizarrely easier sentences lately.It wasn't always like this. Seeing that you're level 8 at the time of this post is a big indicator that you'd probably need to practice more advanced sentences than that.


I've got the same thing you have but with French.


you need pratice


I've memorized every sentence in that entire lesson - I can translate the whole thing from just the first 3 words. I just want "strengthen" to pick one of the other 30 lessons I've unlocked that I have low strength with.

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