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  5. "Otwórzcie mi drzwi."

"Otwórzcie mi drzwi."

Translation:Open the door for me.

August 26, 2017



Would "Open the door to me" work here as well? "to me" is actually included as a hint, but it's only accepting "for me".

[deactivated user]

    I think it'd work; I found some translations online and my Polish friend thinks it sounds right. The English 'to' is used here as 'for' but if 'to' is used as 'towards' then the Polish sentence would change ( Otworzyć do mnie drzwi ).

    ♫♫Take a chance and open the door to me
    ♫♫Just let me in, open your eyes and see
    ♫♫Zaryzykuj i otwórz mi drzwi
    ♫♫Pozwól mi wejść, otwórz oczy i patrz


    It told me to say "open me a door". Isn't that improper grammar?


    Yeah, that doesn't belong, I removed it.


    How would one say "Open my door"? Otwórzcie moje drzwi?


    isn't "open me the door" right?


    I believe it's not, and Trofaste's comment above (she's a native speaker) confirms it.

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