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Help! Fussy eater in Paris

I'm taking my 5 year old to Paris to give him a formative experience of France, including French language, food and culture. The trouble is he's a very fussy eater and I don't want to offend when ordering in cafés and restaurants. If he has to eat cheese pizza for the entire holiday, so be it, but does anyone have any tips for getting by?... asking for simplified dishes etc. I'm a beginner myself, so language and culture tips are equally welcome!

August 26, 2017



In France also children are delicate, the waiters are accustomed, you can ask for the child menu in any restaurant, or ask a simple plate of pasta without butter or sauce if your child likes only single fool, you can ask a crepe without sugar, without butter ... or just a plate of fries ... or a slice of ham. Really, waiters are accustomed to children also in France.


Thank you - that is encouraging to know


I hope you will have more choices, not only pizza. My kids liked crepes - salty or sweet, once we bought a roasted chicken somewhere in Latin quartier and had a picnic. And there are some other tips: https://www.motherofalltrips.com/2013/04/eating-in-paris-with-kids.html. Good luck.


That's a great article - thanks!


I don't think most people will get offened if you ask for stuff to be taken out of dishes or altered, perhaps if you go into a super fancy restraunant with complex meals then they might be a bit confused but overall, especially with a kid, people will understand. Try explaining the he is a picky eater which i think is mangeur difficile in French.


I fully agree with you.


I'll try to post a write-up of our visit when we return :)

[deactivated user]

    I have lived in a home with children from Mexico and South Asia and ya know what? Kids are kids are kids. I doubt there is a single country on Earth unaccustomed to having to dumb their food down for children. A grown adult going "ewwww snails!" would likely annoy them, but when kids do it it is cute for some reason.


    Would they have macaroni and cheese (or something like it) at a lot of restaurants? Maybe he could have that as a break from pizza. :-) But I agree with others that he would probably like simple crepes.

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