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Questions about DELF

I plan on moving to a school (high school) that focuses its education on foreign languages in order to send its students abroad for college. I want to go there to learn French but apparently their French students receive (on average) 95% on DELF A2 and about 40% on B1. Is this good or bad?

  • I should also mention that the language course in which the students had the highest language proficiency scores was Japanese. The students' averages were above 50% for N1 and N2 which are the highest levels. I'm wondering, does this mean the education varies drastically per language course? I don't think there's any reason it should...
August 26, 2017



Is this at a GCSE level?

We had to do GCSEs when 15/16 and a pass meant your abilites where A2 and a high grade meant B1 so thats pretty good if your going to be around that age or have studied it for quite a few years, we do it for 2.


I'm not sure about GCSE. I should have specified but this school is a Korean high school that focuses on foreign languages for the explicit purpose of sending its students to foreign colleges. That's about 3 years of learning the language you chose so I'm not sure if 40% is that great.


I think it seems okay, clearly not the best but a 95% A2 rate is pretty good. Prehaps ask someone who knows more about Korean schools specifically


For GCSE you study the language for 2-3 years. Qiunnn says B1 is a high grade, so then B1 40% is good compared to GCSE since B1 is the high level.


Your question is not very specific. How long do students learn before reaching this level, what did they expect?

40% B1 is only a bit more than the French course here at Duolingo will teach you. It is a basis to build on, but don't expect to build a professional career or anything like this on that level of knowledge. For example you would not be allowed to study at a French university after high school with B1. But you could go to France and have a bit of smalltalk with the natives.


yes, I agree I should have been more specific. Since it is a high school, the students learn the language for 3 years straight. If it were just a regular non-language specific school, I would think that the DELF scores I mentioned before were good, but this school focuses on teaching its students enough to study abroad for college. Since that is their standard, it surprises me that the students couldn't get more than 50% on B1.

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