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  5. "Hij is de nieuwe jongen."

"Hij is de nieuwe jongen."

Translation:He is the new boy.

August 26, 2017



The word "nieuwe" on the audio sounds like /neever/ and I don't know if that's good or not.


"Nieuwe" is pronounced correctly (perhaps a bit fast), but does not sound like /neever/ to me.

Maybe these might help you, too: https://nl.forvo.com/word/nieuwe/#nl


The slow version also sounds like "nieuwe" to me.


I really needed this website, thanks!!


Yes, that's what I hear with both the male and female voices. There is a clear v sound in the pronunciation. Sounds like Irish Niamh followed by a schwa. However, Forvo is a different story. There we get two clear English w sounds, but slight variations in the vowel sound. One speaker sounds like "neewa", the other like "nyoowa". combinations of nieuwe with other words also show this slight variation, but all have a clear English w sound. I can only conclude that either both Duolingo speakers are getting it wrong, or that the sound reproduction is at fault. I choose the latter. And I'll be saying "nyoowa" until someone corrects me.


I agree, the word doesn't sound right at all--I had been pronouncing it wrong because I hadn't looked it up elsewhere. Luckily you can hear the correct pronunciation on forvo. It has even been linked below which is helpful!


Yes, the male voice very clearly says [Hay iss de neeva jungen]. and your question still stands. Should it be pronounced neoooa or neeva?


Thank you! I am listening to it on slow and ALL i hear is neever. I never would have guessed it was nieuwe.


I listened on slow several times and could only hear "neva" or "neeva." I'm so glad it's not just me.


Since when is this computer voice so incredibly bad at pronouncing words? 'Beren, menu's, nieuwe...'


Yeah, and it really annoys me. Sometimes i myself accidentally pronounce the word wronf because of the voice


When do you know to put the "e" on the end of an adjective? For example nieuw vs. nieuwe


We put an "e" at the end the most of the times.

Except for :

-Predicative adjectives. "de nieuwe jongen" but "de jongen is nieuw"

-N.S.I. words: Neuter( words with het), Singular AND Indefinite. "de nieuwe jongen" , "een nieuwe jongen" , "het nieuwe meisje" , "een nieuw meisje" , "de nieuwe meisjes" and "nieuwe meisjes"


There are a lot of words in the Duolingo audio that are plain wrong (most annoying example being "Men-Ows" for "menus") but Duolingo don't seem to be bothered about fixing them. "Nieuwe" on the male Duo voice does sound like "Neever" at normal speed mode.


Jonge, jongen, oh gosh


That’s exactly what I wrote. Got a wrong mark...

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