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"Het jonge meisje loopt door het huis."

Translation:The young girl walks through the house.

August 26, 2017



Shouldn't it be "Het jong meisje [...]" as "meisje" is a "het" word?


Nope, it drops the -e when it is a het woord, and 'een' is used:

  • De jonge jongen
  • Een jonge jongen
  • Het jonge meisje
  • Een jong meisje


also when there's no article at all, correct? jong meisje


If door means, "through" "by" or "because of", why does this translate to "The young girl walks around the house" (as shown in the answer).


Door can have the meaning around (throughout, to and fro within) as well as directly through as in "in the front door and out the back door" so I guess it all depends on context. Walk through the house can mean walk around within the house in English, so I guess both possibilities are covered.


Thinking about it, in English I would likely say "walks around the house"(meaning room to room). That would be the same as walking through the house (not literally!)


The answer mine shows uses "through" rather than "around"...


It lists "by" as one of the translations for "door", however, it counted "The young girl walks by the house" as incorrect.


"Door" can mean "by" in the sense of "the means or person by which the action is carried out". Examples online include De vaas wordt door Jan gebroken ("the vase is broken by Jan") and Hij vermeed een confrontatie door de andere kant op te lopen ("He avoided a confrontation by walking the other way"). In the context of this exercise it can't mean "by".


For "loopt", " is walking" instead of "walks" should be also correct.


I hear duur instead of door, even with the slow speaking...


The female audio for this sounds like "Het jongere meisje loopt door het huis"... I listened to it repeately and am advanced enough to make conversation.


Is she using a walk-through-walls cheat, or...

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