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Should Weekend Amulet persist?

When the Weekend Amulet was introduced, I thought that it would work like the Streak Freeze: if I met my goal on both days over the weekend, the amulet would persist. But it seems to disappear after the weekend, whether I practice or not.

I realize that some users understandably want to take every weekend off, so for them the 20 lingots are well-spent. On the other hand, those of us who intend to practice on the weekend but want extra insurance actually have a disincentive once we buy the Amulet, since it will vanish whether we practice or not.

My suggestion: If we buy an Amulet but don't miss either day of practice, then the Amulet persists. If we miss both days, then the Amulet goes away. If we miss one day but not the other, then at midnight Sunday we get partial credit for the Amulet. For example, it might refund 10 lingots, or use part of that to buy a Streak Freeze if we don't already have one.

August 26, 2017



I simply think the amulet is a waste of money entirely since I don't miss a day on the weekend, but anyway. I'm not sure what the point is either. It just seems like a good way to get rid of excess lingots.


Interesting idea but it seems too complicated. I just want a 2 day streak freeze because I travel a lot and frankly that makes keeping a streak a total pain. It's trivially easy for me to be airborne or without internet for 36 hours... and then the time change to cause me to loose my streak.

I'd gladly pay 100 lingots for a 2 day streak freeze, that worked like a normal streak freeze but covered 2 days (and yes, I pay for plus and can also use the monthly "streak recovery", but I'd like an alternative to that.


Fair warning, I had streak protection enabled and I missed one day (with a 250+ day streak) and the protection didn't work! My experience tells me not to trust Duo on this. Besides, you know when your practicing diligently or not. You get paultry reward for maintaining a streak. Best of luck.


Did you email Duolingo about this? If you email their customer service, they're likely to restore it for you. When my streak broke even though it was glitched, I emailed their customer service explaining the situation. Basically, I had bought the freeze in an email link with my lingots and the link didn't activate. I did this immediately, so it's best not to delay so they can look into the problem. Duolingo's team was kind enough to restore my 150+ day streak (at the time) for me.


You should at least explain that if you don't use the weekend amulet that you lose it.


I am also annoyed to find that, having 'paid' 20 lingots for a weekend amulet and not missed a day across the weekend, the amulet has disappeared. Why does the weekend amulet not behave in the same way as the streak freeze, as an insurance against something preventing me practicing. This could be technological or real life, so it's nice to have the insurance in place.

Duolingo: please sort this out - and perhaps make the Weekend Amulet available in the Store rather than only via pop-ups.

[Yeah, I know, DL don't listen to anything we say - after all, we're only the people whom they measure to make this site successful!!]


it took all of my precious lingots that I invested time and effort into

[deactivated user]

    I don't like amulets or freezes. If you don't want your streak to go down, don't drop it. I think Duolingo underestimated our ability to earn Lingots.


    You can lose your streak because of technical issues, so freeze is a good thing, I think.

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