Should Weekend Amulet persist?

When the Weekend Amulet was introduced, I thought that it would work like the Streak Freeze: if I met my goal on both days over the weekend, the amulet would persist. But it seems to disappear after the weekend, whether I practice or not.

I realize that some users understandably want to take every weekend off, so for them the 20 lingots are well-spent. On the other hand, those of us who intend to practice on the weekend but want extra insurance actually have a disincentive once we buy the Amulet, since it will vanish whether we practice or not.

My suggestion: If we buy an Amulet but don't miss either day of practice, then the Amulet persists. If we miss both days, then the Amulet goes away. If we miss one day but not the other, then at midnight Sunday we get partial credit for the Amulet. For example, it might refund 10 lingots, or use part of that to buy a Streak Freeze if we don't already have one.

8/26/2017, 3:49:44 PM


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