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Platform Differences

Does anyone else notice huge differences when using Duolingo on different devices? I have the phone app and the iPad app, but more than often I use a desktop or laptop. On a phone or iPad the lingots are gems (still lingots on a computer), and only on the phone or iPad do I get to open a chest and win more gems for meeting my daily goal. On the phone only, I get extra XP for getting multiple questions in a row correct. On an iPad I need to earn "health" by doing practices correctly in order to start a new lesson, but there is no such thing as "health" on a PC. I also can't use BOTS on a PC. Often I alternate platforms just to see the differences. Anyone know why there is so much variation?

August 26, 2017



Duolingo said that they want to keep the platforms separate, so they will continue using lingots on the web and gems on the app. This is why there is that much variation.


The app is considerably easier than using the website. I suspect that health et al is an attempt to increase the difficulty of the app just a little bit and prevent people from using it idly without doing practice of already learned material.

Other than what you've mentioned, the website also has Labs with Stories and Events currently.


Limited resources.

Though some differences between mobile and web (desktop) are due to form factor.

To see all the differences look at this table: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Mobile

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