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What does everyone think of Busuu?

I started using the A2 section of Busuu for German. Seems to be well, what does everyone think of Busuu?

August 26, 2017



I say that Duolingo's weak spots are covered by Busuu, and Busuu's weak spots are covered by Duolingo, so by using both together, you can learn very effectively.



The only thing interesting about it is the writing to be reviewed thing. You have to pay up to get everything.


I also like the different levels of vocab on Busuu. And being able to help others by correcting their texts, I think it makes you feel encouraged by positive comments from natives. What I don't like is the method of teaching, you get cards with translation and that's it. There are grammar exercises for paying members, but still the method is flawed and boring, maybe developing it would help.


I haven't used it, but I heard it was terrible. Then again, the same place said duolingo was terrible, and it's not, so...


...Busuu is awesome...?


Maybe. I've heard mixed reviews. I don't use it myself.

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