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pronouncing ich

[deactivated user]

    I pronounce ich like "eesh". is this terrible? I have a friend who's doing a Ph.D. in German and she told me this is wrong. But on Duolingo this is what I feel like the voice is saying during the lessons. Is it okay to pronounce it like this or not?


    August 26, 2017



    Hello zoba.pa ! If I were you, I would have a look at "dict.leo.org". There you also can hear the pronounciation for every word, and it sounds natural.


    Look up the German 'ch' sounds.


    There are regions in Germany that pronounce this "ch" as "sh". It's not the standart pronunciation but you would be understood. However, if you want to do it "correctly" and have problems with pronouncing "ch", try smiling when saying "sh", that moves your lower lip away from your teeth, and the "sh" should turn into a "ch" :)

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