"Croitoresele beau suc."

Translation:The seamstresses drink juice.

August 26, 2017

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why seamstresses and not tailors? My friend is a tailor, and wouldn't describe herself as a seamstress. A tailor tailor-makes clothes for a client, surely a seamstress is what they used to call the assembly line workers in the days before a machine sewed the clothes automatically?


Still the same problem - 2 years is gone! it's impossible to fix it? how i can predict what will be right in next ex? :(


"Tailor" should be accepted regardless of gender.


Tailoress is not accepted either


Seamstress are more those people who repair, or helps tailors. You never use this term in any web site of "couture". In french we have "le couturier" (tailor, croitor) who build (makes) clothes and "les retoucheuses" (steamstresses) who cut pants or clothes who are too long or large. We have also "les petites mains" (litteraly "the littles hands") who are specialists who help the fashion stylists and are very searched . To resume I think that "croitorese" will not be happy to be translated with "seamstresses" please excuse my english. I'm french native :-)


Seamstress = cusătoreasă nu croitoreasă


"Seamstress" is probably just as archaic as "waiter" and waitress". I've been told that one must call a "waiter" or "waitress" a "server" nowadays.


"Waiter" is archaic? I didn't know that.


❤❤❤ am i learning the translation of seamstresses among other niche professions at all let alone so early in the course at least put it later, i had literally never ever used that word before rn

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