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Ordinal numbers in French

As we know we have ordinal numbers in English here are ordinal numbers in French:

First : Première*

Second : Deuxième/seconde

Third : Troisième

Fourth : Quatrième

Fifth : Cinqième

Sixth : Sixième

Seventh : Septième

Eighth : Huitième

Ninth : Neuvième

Tenth : Dixième

  • The others are followed by the pattern : Number+ième or Number+ièm
August 26, 2017



Just a minor correction: it is -ième ... and not "-iéme".

Also, the feminine form of "premier" is première.


Yes, I added a * to it to show that it is different from others.


A few details:

The correct suffix is -ième, not -iéme, also -ièm doesn't exist.

"deuxième" has another form "second" which is used to refer to the last element of a list of two.

Fifth is "cinquième", not "cinqième"

[deactivated user]

    BTW there are two "second"s : Second (pronounced "Segon") and Deuxième (pronounced Deuzièm).

    The word "second" is used if there are not a third, fourth, fifth... and "deuxième" is used if there is a third fourt fifth.



    Didn't know that, thanks!

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