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  5. "They are long swords."

"They are long swords."

Translation:Korzi issi.

August 26, 2017



Why not use "They (issi)" for swords instead of "These (kesi or bisi)"?


Pōnta korzi issi. Where from the "Pōnta"? Does it mean "they"?


Yes. Pōnta is they.

I believe the (nominative) pronouns are usually omitted. (Hmm, is it true of all verb tenses and moods that the nominative pronouns can be omitted? I think it has seemed that way, but I can't state it absolutely, and anyway they do show up from time to time.)

But anyway, these are the (usually omitted) nominative pronouns:

  • nyke I
  • ao you (singular)
  • ziry he, she, it (solar and lunar)
  • ūja it, he, she (terrestrial and aquatic)
  • īlon we
  • jeme you (plural)
  • pōnta they

There is a more complete chart covering the variations in all the High Valyrian cases at: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Pronouns

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