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Confused with the Guarani/Jopara Course.

Can you please help me? I am trying to learn Guarani Jopara, and since there is no Guarani Jopara course for English speakers, I thought ''Well, why can I not take the one for Spanish speakers, since I already know a basic amount of Spanish, and as I progress farther in my Spanish tree, the course will be easier to understand?'' Big mistake. The weird thing is, the Jopara Guarani words actually stay in my head, but when I have to translate them, I keep accidentally translating them to English. And when I don't do that, I sometimes make a mistake where the problem isn't with my Guarani, it's with my Spanish (fortunately that's rarer.) It confuses me a lot, and I can barely understand what I am learning. I feel, that at this rate, I'll NEVER Finish the Jopara Guarani Tree. Does anyone have any advice? Aguyje!.


August 26, 2017



Don't translate the Spanish to English in your head. Learn kuimba'e as hombre and not man, kuña as mujer, etc.


I try to do that, but my brain's programmed on the ''English'' setting and I'm not sure how to program it to ''Spanish'' :(


Don't worry, it's possible. As stu.21 said, I think it's a great idea to stop trying to always make the conection to English in your head - just go with the Spanish.

I think it may take some time to "break" (or at least loosen) the connection in your brain between a "concept" (like the thing that says meow and wants you to feed t) and the word that describes that concept (in this instance, a cat) which you have been using since you learned to speak. But once you do and the meowing thing isn't as firmly rooted in your brain as invariably being a "cat" anymore, you'll find it much easier to learn another language. Using something as your base language that isn't your native language helps a lot with that. It may be difficult and confusing at first, but it will help you in the long run. (And apart from tht, you get to practice your Spanish, yay!)

I actually prefer learning languages through my second language, because then I find it much easier to just understand and use the new language instead of always "translating" everything I hear or want to say back to my native language in my head.

If that makes sense. :-)

Maybe for "deprogramming" your brain, you could try thinking of a picture instead of a word - try thinking of a meowing, purring, furry animal when you learn the Guarani word for it, instead of thinking of the word "cat", or of a person sitting and staring into a book when you learn the word for "read".

Or stick little notes with the Guarani (and maybe also the Spanish) word for something onto those things in your house. (For example, put the Guarani and Spanish word for "fridge" on your fridge.) That will also help you to stop your brain from thinking about translations to Englishw words and start associating the new words with the concept which they stand for.

Good luck!


It takes a bit of practice. I have typed the English translation in the Catalan course several times even though it only accepts Spanish answers. Actually I'll point out that it's easier to not go back to English once you get thinking in Spanish. Not just "translating in your head" but also knowing in you heart that un hombre es un hombre, pero en inglés él es a man but I don't want the English word because estoy hablando en español. (That's honestly how I think sometimes).

You can try writing in English on scrap paper or in a sticky note program and then translate that to Spanish and answer the exercises that way.


I bet it'll get a lot easier with time. Sounds like you're not too used to typing / writing / thinking much in Spanish as yet, so it'll be valuable practice. Makes the course a doubly-good learning opportunity, really.

Of course, if you stick at it for a good while and things still aren't sorting themselves out, you can always give it another try when your Spanish is a bit firmer.


It requires practice. I'm a Spanish speaker and I'm learning German and other languages from English, for practicing some English during the process also. I used to write in Spanish sometimes, but not anymore.

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