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I just found out about the original business model for duolingo - using language learners to translate real web content. I don't think the current app/ program works this way.

I heard there was a section of the site that still caters to this? Does anyone know where I can access this?

August 26, 2017



I might be wrong, but I think you are talking about Immersion. Immersion was removed seven months ago (with countless complaints from users) because only 1% of users used it, and not only that, but it was clogged with spam, plagiarism, cheating, it was a HUGE burden on this website, and since Duolingo wasn't making a profit from it, they finally removed it. People are STILL complaining, seven months later. If I am correct in assuming that you are talking about Immersion, then there is no section of the site that still caters to this. It was removed permanently..


Countless complaints? only 1% used it?


The 1% that used it complained endlessly. Keep in mind that billions of people go on duolingo, and not all in America. Also, users in the EU couldn't use Immersion for some reason, and considering how big the EU is, that was probably a LOT of the users, but either way, that doesn't stop the complaints. I'm not even sure if people in other countries (not including the EU since I just covered that) had it.


The majority of users had Immersion withheld from them for three years when Duolingo stopped it in January this year: The last course to gain an Immersion tab was the English for Romanian speakers course (which reached beta phase on 2014/02/04). In June 2015 the "Duolingo CEO announced that they had stopped developing immersion. And around December 2015, Duolingo started an A/B test to evaluate Immersion" (in which immersion was withheld from many new signers on) also Immersion was not available on phone apps). So as Duolingo is expanding exponentially and withheld the course from the majority of new users for three years and old users drop off it was hardly surprising that a small percentage of users had it. Surely the endless complaints of the few speak for themselves? By the way I am in the EU and so were many people I met in immersion.


There was no block to prevent EU people from using Immersion, but it is/was against the terms:

https://www.duolingo.com/terms (See point 19)

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