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"Diese Produktion dauert zwischen drei und vier Monaten."

Translation:That production takes between three and four months.

August 26, 2017



Why that and not this?


I'd say "This production lasts between three and four months".


I believe there's no particular reason. I would say this as well.


Why not "this production lasts from three to four months"


This production lasts from 3 to 4 months Diese Produktion dauert 3 bis 4 Monate


" Monaten" is wrong Correct it is "monate"


I can't figure out what this means. A theatrical production? A production run at a factory that lasts for two or three months? Can anyone translate this into intelligible English in some kind of context?


I am guessing it may mean both.

If the latter, it would make more semse to translate "dauert" as "takes" (as in the process of production of something taking 2 to 3 months).

If the same word can mean a theatrical production, in English, we wouldn't say "takes" and we wouldn't say "takes" either: more likely, "is running for" or "is on for".


In the latter case it would be more normal to say "This takes [some range of time] to produce, where "this" would refer to a particular product. Another possibility would be "Production takes [some range of time.] Without "This." This alternative would place less emphasis on the thing or things being produced.


Please explain why dauert is used instead of some for of nehmen?


Because most expressions do not translate literally between any two given languages.

'To take' is not used in all of the same ways as 'nehmen', and vice versa. To express how long something takes or lasts in German, you use 'dauern'.

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