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Thank you from me and a currency statement.

Thank you Duolingo for this wonderful app, it's truly awesome I'm new to using it. I've only been using it for 10 days and it's helping. I'm a slow learner and I'm trying my hardest. I like how you guys allow us to hear the proper pronunciation, especially in Japanese, and how in the mobile app you can comminicate with others and host "clubs."

I've heard rumors about the currency in the mobile app going onto the website. I don't know if I've got crazy or what but I like lingots and I think that they're well portioned and that not too many are given out. Lingots are somewhat easy to earn but it gets harder and harder (makes you study more) so that you can buy lessons you want to learn, etc.

Thanks, Alec

August 26, 2017



I really hope that the gem doesn't replace the lingot! The lingot is unique, combined with the words ''lingo'' and ''ingot'' while Gems are used almost everywhere, language learning or not. Have a lingo ingot for this, and not an unoriginal gem!


Heh. The question remains as to what you're going to use them for ;D

I currently have > 700, and just keep accumulating. They try to make me use them to "preserve a streak", which I feel is cheating. Actually, they even kept pestering me for 3 days w/ pop-ups to buy my streak back with actual currency after my short skiing holiday.


Yep, I like lingots too and have lots of them.

About streak freeze, I don't see it your way - to me duolingo is a game and streak freeze is just one of the rules of this game. - but nobody says you have to use it. Its like many other games where there are optional allowances - which you are allowed to use, or not, as you wish.

I do use the streak freeze - it prevented me from losing my streak when my internet went down for more than a day - which was not my fault! I would have lost my streak, but didn't. Another time I traveled from my home country to another across many time zones, with more that 24 hours travel, where I could not do duo - fortunately the streak freeze prevented me from losing my streak.

I see the streak as an incentive to practicing every day, and a measure of how successful I am at that.


Heh. Whether the cheat facility comes w/ the game or not doesn't really change my mind, be it the weekend amulet or the freeze. I get your point about the "not my fault" thing, though.

That said: I travelled to Europe earlier this year, and using the android app not only managed to maintain my streak on stop-overs, but even "earned" an achievement for using Duo in different time-zones ;}

Of course I lost my streak hiking in the French Alps, but hey, it doesn't do much for me anyway. =D

And there's a lingot for your troubles, I don't use them otherwise :D


Too true! Yeah, I use the web based Duo. When I traveled through South America which does not have a great internet coverage, I maintained my streak - thanks to the streak freeze. I take your point though - its a cheat!

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