"El scrie o adresă."

Translation:He writes an address.

August 26, 2017

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why is it ONE address and not AN address ?


i mean, the translation that was given to me by DUO was " ONE ADDRESS" but now I see that here it is given as "AN" why the difference between the two translations ? it is confusing.


"o" can mean both "a/an" and "one"

same for "un"


Yes, but then when do I know which one to use ? I say a and Duo says one or the contrary/If I think in French it does not help me much because we say UN/UNE for ONE or for A/AN. here I wrote AN address and DUO said ONE address !!


In French Un/Une and in Romanian it's Un/O. Une adresse, o adresă, c'est le féminin.


oui d'accord. si je traduis du Roumain en Francais ca n'a pas d'importance car c'est toujours UNE . peut importe si c'est l'article ou le nombre. mais en anglais comment puis-je savoir si c'est A/AN ou ONE. Par exemple dans l'exemple qui nous interesse qu'est ce qui m'indique qu'il s'agit de l'article A/AN ou du nombre UNE ? tout d'abord j'avais traduit par AN ADDRESS et DUO m'a dit que c’était ONE ADDRESS. Mais après, DUO a traduit par AN address. Comment savoir alors si meme DUO change d'avis pour la meme phrase ?


again I said AN ADDRESS and DUO said wroing ! it is ONE address ! but here above the translation given by DUO is AN ADDRESS. so why does DUO say I am wrong if it is exactly what I said !

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