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"L'enfant a une chemise grise."

Translation:The child has a gray shirt.

August 26, 2017



I typed "The kid has a gray shirt" and it's wrong? Come on, kid has the same meaning as child.


"Kid" is more casual than "child," so it stands to reason that the two are not universally interchangeable and "kid" would have a separate French translation. A child is "un enfant" whereas a kid is "un(e) gamin(e)."


Thank you! I was so confused about this part! (In German, the word for 'kid' and the word for 'children' are the same, so I wasn't sure about it for French.)


I'm hearing audio for the 19 other questions and not this one. Those who have had similar issues are being downvoted by some who hear audio?? You know that the up and downvoting is for stating a comment is (in)correct or adds nothing/something to the discussion. Some people are hearing audio for this specific question, some are not. Neither are incorrect. They're raising the issue with Duolingo to be helpful (I hope they also reported it). Please use the voting system better, for everybody's sake.


This forum is not the means to report an audio issue. Staff do not even look at these comments. Moderators have no control over whether someone has audio or does not have audio. If the audio is bad (garbled), it may be disabled for a "type what you hear" exercise, but that's it. So there is no point whatever in having a lot of people say "I can't hear any audio". Sorry about that.



This is probably not a relevant question for this forum, but what are moderators?


Moderators are volunteers who work directly with the exercises, correct errors, add appropriate variations, and provide assistance to other users. Moderators also monitor the forums to ensure that users are not disrespectful or abuse others by posting inappropriate or vulgar comments, spam, etc. We enjoy helping others and have a deep commitment to making Duolingo better--something that benefits all of us.


Both grey and gray should be accepted. I translated gris as grey. It was marked wrong and gray was suggested.

[deactivated user]

    I always use "grey" - DL has never yet refused it for me. I wonder what happened?


    Me too. Grey works.


    I spell gray like - grey. Is there any way i can change this?


    Both spellings are always accepted.

    • UK english: grey
    • US english: gray

    Both are always accepted.


    How can "kid" be more correct than "boy"? - In the UK kid is not as used as in the US - we say "boy"


    Except that "l'enfant" means child and "le garçon" means "the boy".


    why isn't there a liason between "l'enfant" and "a"? I looked at this page...


    ...and there doesn't seem to be a rule prohibiting this. I would have pronounced the 't' in enfant, before the 'a', but this is apparently incorrect. help?


    When I see this sentence, I envision mark zuckerberg. Anybody feel the same?


    I typed "kid" instead of "child". Why didn't it accept???


    Because it's different enfant means child. Those words have similar meanings in other languages, but this is French. So, try to memorize the given vocabs.


    I typed "the child has one grey shirt" and it was marked wrong. Help, please?


    Grey vs grey


    I was taught that the s in grise should be pronounced with a z sound (like greeze), not an s sound. Is this another dialect issue?


    The shirt was white when the child put it on. ;-)


    I understand "une chemise griSSE" gray or grey = gris, griSe (Ze) Could you correct the pronunciation. Thanks Duolingo ;-)


    Put grey, got it wrong. Please sort this out!


    Honestly i wrote grey and it was incorrect shouldn't it of been accepted


    what's very funny is how many duolingo courses accept certain synonyms and how often i come back to french from german/czech/spanish/japanese/russian/whatever and then mess it up again.


    How do you know when to use gris or grise ? Is gris masculine the and the other feminine?


    Yes. “Une chemise” is feminine, so use “grise” here.


    I wrote l'enfant a une chemise grise and it marked me wrong and wrote exactly the same thing. I don't understand.


    That probably means that you made some small typo that escaped your notice but was enough for duo to flag it. It only takes one letter out of place. Also it's disturbingly easy to read something you've written several times, and see exactly what you expect to see, rather than whatever typo is actually there.

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