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High Valyrian Now Has 100 Thousand Learners!

Congratulations to the High Valyrian contributors and to everyone learning it as well! It's a really cool language and I'm definitely glad that Duolingo added it!

Although... I wonder how accurate that number truly is. For example looking at https://www.duolingo.com/topic/948/top, you can see that the top post has 52 likes so far. Doesn't it seem strange that only around 0.05% (1) of learners would bother to upvote a post on the discussion forum? If such a small percentage use the forums, is it possible the forums could go the same way as the Immersion feature and disappear because not enough of the userbase use it?

Not only that, but looking at the discussions on the sentences, it seems strange that if there are so many learners, why do so few use the discussion feature on sentences? I can't be one of only a few struggling to learn the language?

Sorry for the essay and congratulations again to High Valyrian! It was just something that got me thinking. Hope they keep the discussion and forum features! Let me know what you think.


100,000 = 100% 10,000 = 10% 1,000 = 1% 100 = 0.1% 50 = 0.05%

August 26, 2017



It is a beautiful language and fun to learn when I want a break from learning other languages.


Hi! When will High Valyrian be available for mobile devices?

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