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Streak Freeze

Not sure how "Streak Freeze"works. Are you limited to freezing your strike prospectively only or can you use it to make up for a day missed?

For example, say my internet was down and I was unable to sign on yesterday. Now today, my internet is back up. Can I use a streak freeze to rectify my inability to participate yesterday? Thank you....

August 26, 2017



I'm pretty sure it just automatically keeps your streak the same as if the day missed never happened (hence the Freeze!), and you can also buy another one once your last one had been used.


You have to buy it 24 hours before use. I have one equipped in case, like you said, the internet goes out or something. So if the internet went out suddenly, and you didn't have one equipped in case, you would lose your streak. But if you were going on a one-day vacation with no wifi, you would just buy one the day before.


Dear Woof...Thanks for the idea. Just so I can make sure that I know what I'm doing: So, I buy a 10 Ligot Streak Freeze now and it will remained banked indefinitely and will be used only when/if I miss a day...even if that event doesn't happen for an extended period of time. If that's the case, you have a good idea. Thanks.


Thank you, but I actually got that idea from other users who do the same :D


Are you limited to freezing your streak prospectively only *


No you can't what?


A streak freeze starts protecting on the day after its purchase:
it's only an insurance for the future, it's not a free pass for the same day!
It will be equiped until it is used, so you can buy it months/years in advance.
You can read more information in the comment of moderator jrikhal in this discussion:

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