And Speaking of Halloween...the Undead!

So I came across someone talking about the undead and about someone's use of malmalviva which they said should be malmortinto.... and of course that got me thinking.

Of course malmalviva is funny to me in the way of maltrinki and malmangi; so it could be a cute joke to a fun-loving verdulo, but really rub the verda papo the wrong way.

So here are my thoughts...

The undead would be la malmortulo? (although I did see someone using Mortulo as the Grim Reaper)

I adore undead monsters would be mi amegas malmortajn monstrojn?

You have become undead would be vi farigxis malmorta? or maybe vi farigxis malmortulo?

Anyone's thoughts are welcome. Dankon anticipe (I am hoping that means thank you in advance) -Brian

August 26, 2017


According to Vikipedio, malmortulo is indeed a term you can use for the undead. It also offers reviviĝinta mortinto and revenanto. It would contain (among other things) vampiroj, fantomoj, and lupfantomoj.

As for the Grim Reaper, Mortulo is correct...but not malmortulo, as the Grim Reaper was never "alive" in the first place.

August 27, 2017

Esperanto Wikipedia uses malmortulo as the primary term.

August 27, 2017
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