"Portofelul este la începutul podului."

Translation:The wallet is at the beginning of the bridge.

August 26, 2017

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This is a very strange sentence in any language! Why not change it? "I found my wallet under the bridge" for example


I like the idea of teaching languages through intuition. And I have no problem with things like animals reading newspapers etc. But the sentences should make some kind of sense, or perhaps make us laugh. Unfortunately, as far as I'm concerned at least, sentences like this do neither, and only lead to frustration - not the best way to learn a language.


This is a strange translation in English. Might say "at the front of the bridge" or "at the end of the bridge", but not sure what the "beginning" of the bridge really means.


to be fair, the original sentence makes about as much sense as the translation


the wallet is on the ground where the bridge begins. ? this is the meaning, I think. for those of you who are learning french ( my language) : le portefeuille est par terre au debut du pont. Par terre means exactly " on the ground" But " au debut du pont" can also be translated as" la ou le pont commence" ( sorry my keyboard is in spanish . It doesn't have the french . accents on" la and ou."


I didnt want to risk a heart to find out, but couldn't "podului" also mean "... of the attic"?


even if it did mean that, it still doesn't make any sense

FWIW -- Reverso doesn't support your idea


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