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  5. "Este vreun măr proaspăt?"

"Este vreun măr proaspăt?"

Translation:Is there any fresh apple?

August 26, 2017



'Are there any fresh apples?' is also accepted. I think it is similar to italian, eg 'non vedo nessuna fragola' (I don't see any strawberries). The singular form, măr/fragola is used whereas we would use the plural in English.


Is any apple fresh?


That is what I thought, too, but do we really have inversion with questions in Romanian like in English, or would that be: Vreun măr este proaspăt?


I think they should have used bread instead of apple. Sounds more natural.


Adding "any" sounds more natural in English, but there is no actual word for it in the romanian sentence! Therfore Duolingo should accept both


Is there any fresh apple? This is wrong translated. It should be: Is any apple fresh. According to a educated native Romanian...

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