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Duo on computer freezing too often

I have been using Duolingo for a long time and love it. Just lately, however, I am having problems with Duolingo freezing during an exercise. It can freeze for several minutes and then suddenly unfreeze itself.

This has not happened in the past, but now happens quite frequently. I have checked whether it is caused by my internet provider, but that does not appear to be the case - other programs keep running even while Duo freezes.

This phenomenon seemed to have appeared much the same time as the adverts appeared, I think. I am wondering whether it is related to adverts that don't load fast enough, and hold up the program. The whole thing is strange but very concerning - occasionally the freeze is so long that the computer gives the message that the program is no longer responding, and whether I want to quit.

I look forward to being able to pay to remove the adverts - but this is not yet available on the computer platform, I believe.

I truly look forward to the resolution of this problem.

August 26, 2017



Your own explanation may well be hinting in the right direction; are you using an ad-blocker?

That said: you may want to edit your question, and move it to the "Troubleshooting" forum (using the drop-down from the Green button in the top-left corner), which would be a more suitable place for it.


I personally think it's not a problem with the ads in specific, but with the new site code that ads came with.
Assuming you don't encounter a similar problem with other software (unrelated to internet, like a game), please tell us your browser's name (the software that loads websites) and a list of addons and extensions installed on that browser. (On Firefox, click on the button on the upper right, then choose "Add-ons", then list the titles you see. On Chrome, I believe it was the gear button on the upper right, "tools", then extensions.)
My guess is a blocker software is causing it. Specially NoScript, or an Ad-blocker with a manual order. To see if the problem is with your browser or not, you can install a new browser (or use the stock browser if you don't already, i.e. Internet Explorer, Edge or Safari) and try to load Duolingo. If you don't encounter a problem there, there's something with the browser causing the problem. Try disabling ad-blocking addons from addons menu, any change?

I have no difficulty with Duolingo on Firefox 55, Windows 7 64-bit. I have uBlock installed, but I've disabled it on Duolingo.


"Crashes and extremely slow" are common complaints from people, who are using .....

  • a phone/tablet with an old version of Android or iOS in combination with a recent version of a Duolingo App
  • an outdated operating system (e.g. Windows 7 or older)
  • an outdated browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).
    This is easy to resolve: Install a recent versie of a modern browser (e.g Firefox, Chrome. Both are free)
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