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Question + Answer - French Idioms/Expressions

My goal of this is for you guys post your questions about French idioms/expressions, and hopefully someone knowledgeable can answer it! I recommend following this discussion to get feedback/ to see questions you can answer :)

August 27, 2017



I'll go first: Is there an expression that conveys the same meaning as 24/7 ? I researched it and found a couple: 24 sur 24 ; 24 heures sur 24 ; 24/7 (as is) ; 24(h) sur 24, 7(h) sur 7, 365/365. Which is the best option?


In French when we want to say for exemple that a store is open all day and night, during all the week, we usually go for a pretty long expression compared to 24/7, as we say : Le magasin (the store) est ouvert (is open) 24 heures sur 24, sept jours sur sept. But we can use ''24H sur 24'' and ''7 jours sur 7'' separately. But when you say ''24H sur 24'' it means that the place is open during all hours of the day, but not necessarily during all the days of the week. In the same way, if you say that a place is open 7 jours sur 7, that means that it is open every day of the week, but not necessarily during all hours of every day.

I hope it will help you.


Wow, that's quite long! Thanks so much for this :)


Oh you are excellent


Thank you! If you have any other idea for this Q+A-type discussion, feel free to post your own! I'd participate in it, for one ;)

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