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"Acesta este discursul candidatului."

Translation:This is the speech of the candidate.

August 27, 2017



well I am not fluent in english legal or political terms but is "discourse" instead of" "speech" basically wrong ??of course it is much easier for me to translate this into French : " ceci est le discours du candidat " but DUO doesn't have Romanian with a French basis !!


It may not necessarily be wrong, but I think a native speaker would be more likely to use "speech" in this case. To me, a discourse is more like a long speech on a specific topic. But it may be that both speech and discourse would be translated the same way in Romanian, in which case your answer should be accepted.


I am a Jehovah's Witness. Our sunday meetings begin with a 30 minute talk/discourse based on the Bible. This video from the Romanian part of our website uses words 'un discurs' (at approximately 1:10) to talk about this. https://www.jw.org/ro/martorii-lui-iehova/intruniri/videoclip-sala-regatului/

Therefore, i think that it can be translated as speech or discourse. I personally though would not use the word speech in english to describe a talk this long, but maybe romanian uses the same word for all speeches, regardless of length


In BrE at least, politicians give speeches, not discourses (countable), although they might engage in public discourse (uncountable).


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