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Online Workbook?

Bonjour. I think it would be really helpful if Duolingo could provide students/translators with an online workbook at login as part of the tools. As I get into more difficult phrases, I would like to be able to create a book of new words, verbs etc... so I can practice. Often I master a section without really being comfortable with it. Would you consider this and does anyone else think this is a good idea?

June 27, 2012



Hello.I'd be great if everybody contributes to the creation of a book full of words frequently used, verbs, adjectives and their corresponding translation, as julieb1 suggested, even grammar so that it could be avaible for anyone eager to learn.


In the meantime, just download Anki (or something similar) and make flashcards for the ones you think you might have to continue reviewing. That's what I'm doing. Also, remember that you can always revisit your mastered skills.

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