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"Ви думаєте вона майстер на всі руки?"

Translation:You think she is a Jack of all trades?

August 27, 2017



It is a question, so it has to be: "do you think she is a jack of all trades?" Without "Do" is wrong, even thou it is understandable.


No it's not wrong. Both should be accepted. Another example when a "statement word order" can be a question as well: "Do you want pizza?" and "You want pizza?" are both fine. "Are you a teacher?" and "You are a teacher?" are both fine, just a slightly different meaning.


Skill "hobby" Lesson 1. Write "literature" in Ukrainian. I typed "література" and get "you used the wrong word" . I tried a few times and always get the same answer. It shows as "correct" either the same "література" or even worth: "literatura" (yes, in latinic)


Unfortunately, I cannot check what happens when you are shown just one word "literature" and are asked to translate. I can only check sentence exercises including that word. E.g. "Кіно, історія і література", "Ні, література - не моє хобі." etc.

But in these exercises there's no problem with "literature"-"література", of course the correct translation is accepted. Let's hope it was a general Duolingo glitch and not a local Ukrainian Duolingo one, and it was already or will be fixed :)


Hi, Sagitta, Thank you for your reply. I think it was a glitch. The problem was manifesting itself only in the skill "Hobby", lesson 1 and 4. "Write in Ukrainian word Literature (lesson 1) and word Theatre (lesson 4) I've posted this problem in the general Ukrainian discussion page https://www.duolingo.com/topic/913. There were several replies. So, problem, on the Duo end. Regards W.

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