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What courses don't have audio?

I checked out the Vietnamese course and quickly realized that it did not have audio. I feel like I've tried other courses without audio too, but now I'm curious, what are all the courses that don't have audio yet?

August 27, 2017



Guarani used to have plenty of audios, but now they seem to be gone.

If someone find these audios, please bring them back! We miss them!


Vietnamese does have audio for perhaps half of its sentences. Persevere a little further and you will find some.
Irish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Esperanto, Guaraní and Hebrew have similarly incomplete audio to varying extents (Hungarian probably having the fewest sentences without it).
Swahili and High Valyrian have no audio at all as of yet.


When did you do the Hungarian tree? I finished it several weeks ago and my experience was completely different. I thought the audio in this course was by far the best from all the courses I had taken on Duolingo. I love the real recordings in place of the TTS. But often it comes with a price and a lot of sentences don't have audio which can be a serious obstacle to learning (like Irish and Hebrew). But Hungarian had surprisingly few such sentences, literally a few, and at no point did I feel any problems with that. Perhaps they've fixed more since the time you've done it?

Btw, I'm yet to start the Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Guaraní and Swahili trees. Would you mind describing a bit in more detail the audio in these courses (TTS or recordings, quality, how many missing sentences, how much does it hinder the learning etc)? I would be very grateful. I've tried to check some of these things myself but a word from someone who has done these trees would be extremely useful. For example I really wanted to do Swahili and Vietnamese but I've heard Swahili has no audio at all and there are many problems with it in Vietnamese. Have you heard when the audio is going to be added to the Swahili course? I think it was released quite a long time ago and thought they had already fixed that by now.


Apologies—I phrased that extremely badly (now rectified); I meant that the Hungarian course seemed to me to have the most complete audio out of all the courses that use real recordings.
Guaraní also seemed to have a lot of audio (perhaps 90%); Esperanto maybe 60-70%. Vietnamese is amongst the worst (although I haven't finished the tree yet) with, as I previously said, around half of its sentences, if that. It has been rather a long time since I've looked at the Ukrainian tree; my somewhat hazy memory would put it at about 70% audio.

For Swahili, like you, I am still waiting for audio to be added before doing the course; I've no idea how complete it will be when this finally happens. It is already several months late and I don't think anyone knows what's going on with it; one can only periodically check the incubator page.


Thanks. Let's hope the Swahili audio will come out soon. Their work before beta seemed to me pretty professional and serious and I was quite surprised when I found out that they released a course without audio. There were updates on the recordings, as well. Maybe they want to release it once it's 100% complete this time and not somehow partially again.


Vietnamese audio is in the form of recordings. Most of the audio sounds fine, though a few pronunciations are off. I would say the bigger concern is the lack of comprehensiveness.


You could always copy and paste the words into forvo.com but that is a tad annoying.


Yes I’ve noticed that while doing courses such as the Ukrainian tree,barely has any audio.This is really really difficult for learning and especially for the Irish tree

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