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"De auto zit vol met kinderen."

Translation:The car is full of children.

August 27, 2017



Could "The car is full with children" be correct as well?


Idiomatically, I would say "full with" children. Native US English speaker here; I think "full... with" should be accepted as well.


Either "full of" or "filled with".


When I first looked at this sentence, I thought that "zitten" was being used because the children are literally sitting in the car, or because they are inside the car. But the children clearly aren't the subject of the sentence. If I had translated this from English, given my somewhat lacking knowledge in this area of Dutch, I would have said "De auto staat vol met kinderen" because the car is presumably in its correct position. I would be interested in what a native speaker or someone experienced in this area of Dutch has to say about this. Thanks.


vol zitten is just the phrase for 'to be full', maybe a native speaker could explain why it's the way it is, as I don't know.


Yes, that's correct, the Dutch expression vol zitten is used often when something is full of something else. Some examples: het zwembad zit vol (met) water, het glas zit vol (met) melk, de trein zit vol (met) mensen, and so on. You can even use it personally, if you say Ik zit vol, which has the same meaning as the (US?) English I'm stuffed (with food).


Bedankt! This makes sense. I was confused because the lesson associated with this sentence explains using positioning (zitten, liggen and staan), but never explained this case with "vol zitten."


Ik ben blij dat je het nu beter begrijpt! :)


"I'm stuffed" is definitely not just US English, FYI. Thanks for the explanation. :)


Thank you for the explanation


Auto and car are synonomous! Am speaking as a native English speaker--midwest American baby- boomer. To be more precise I spent the 1st 18 years in Wisconsin/Chicago -- but having spent additional 30 years in The mid- Atlantic states, 4 years in New England, 5 years in the south and many months in California Oregon, N Mexico, and Arizonia, I have heard "auto" spoken in 46 states... I am tired of duolinga refusing a legitimate American word ... I just looked "Auto" up on line-- Mirriam Webster cites 3 recent examples from NY, San Diego and Alabama... enough said -- my automatic translation of auto will forever be auto.... car is a second thought. enough said.


Whereas I (from the UK) would never use the word auto...


Completey agree and also a native USA English speaker. I was just marked wrong for using auto instead of car. I reported it.


That's Duo's auto-correct. ;)


Would "de auto is vol kinderen" also be correct Dutch for "The car is full of children."? If so, which version would be more popular, and/or what are the differences in meaning?


is "met" a redundant part of the sentence as the "of" is typically implied in other full sentences. I.e. De can is vol water


I just hope the children are alive


Car and auto are interchangeable words. They should both be accepted


Why is " with children" wrong?


Would met be used in this manner everytime we say "of something"?


Auto and car are synonymous. So how can putting auto instead if car be incorrect? I do not think the people who put this together are native English speakers


Although I mistyped, "The auto is full of children," is 100% correct, if somewhat archaic.


De auto zit vol met kinderen. Ze proberen ermee te rijden!

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