"Riña voktī jorrāelza."

Translation:The girl loves the priests.

August 27, 2017

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I was wondering, which word indicate "The" priest instead of "A" priest?


In High Valyrian, there are NO words for "the" or "a"

The word "vokt(i)" (i added parenthesis to indicate the long accent) denotes the plural (+ accusative) form of priest, "voktys." So that would imply "the" vs. "a" but neither "the" or "a" is needed. The form of voktys used tells us which would be implied.

Voktys - A priest

Vokti/vokt(i) - THE priests


Thanks, well say.

From the word "vokt(i)" , that indicate a plural + (accusative) which means, if English has something similar to French's plural indefinite plural article, like (des), the translation can be

Une fille aimes des prêtre

So, the "THE" these just the implication of multiple, but not the definitive natural of the priests, right?


Well, I do not speak French so I can't confirm your correlation but yes, it is just the implication of multiple. It cannot be definitive because "the" simply does not exist in High Valyrian. Hope that helps! :)


That helps, thanks a million

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