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Courses to combine with Duo to brush up on my German

Hi! I started Duo's German from English course a couple of weeks ago to brush up on my German. I know German, I've passed the Mittelstufe (C1) exams almost 10 years ago, but I wasn't even 15 at the time, German was my third language (I'm Greek), I was never really great at it, I didn't have much contact with the language since then, plenty of time has passed, so I've forgotten a lot of things. What I would like to do is to return to a -let's say- B2 level, without having to take classes and spend money, as I'm a student without a job. I don't have the problem most Duolingo users do with speaking and listening, as I am familiar with the language. But I see Duolingo's course is not sufficient for my goal. I've also started Memrise German 1-7 courses, and what I would like to ask is if there is another Memrise course or maybe any other free app, which is suitable for what I want. I know what I ask is not easy, but I find learning through such apps very pleasant and a way to make use of my free time (learn while walking, travelling, eating, before going to sleep, etc...)

I would appreciate any suggestions. :)

August 27, 2017



clozemaster and lingvist cover more vocabulary than duo.


try the reverse tree (English From German!)


Tiny cards or Germanpod101 is the best. Also watch some Easy German on youtube!


There are a lot of Memrise courses, but the official 1- 7 are the best. You can try DW they have good courses. I have been looking for advance German courses online and the options are few and not very good. There are a lot of grammar resources.


I would second the DW materials as they have stuff for the B level learners.


Is there any link for the DW courses?



They have quite a bit of material for all levels. Enjoy. :)

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Like others already suggested, clozemaster is a nice one, but I would say courses are quite limited and can get you so far, if you're already familiar with the language, use apps just to get to the point of being confident enough to immerse yourself in native content you can understand: books, music, movies, news, comics, word puzzles are your best friends. Brush up your grammar whenever you feel you need it, but don't stress it too much and try looking for a german partner.

Try these:

Good luck and keep up!


Thanks to everyone for the help. I'll try to check all the suggestions when I have the time and see what's best for me.

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