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Group French /English to motivate each other

We are a group of French-speaking people who want to improve our English, and we are looking for English speaking people who want to practice and improve their French from their English............

Comment this message here if you are interested, thx

August 27, 2017



Bonjour , Je veux parler le Francais avec quelque personne. Je n'est pas bon. Je suis American.


Bonjour, je suis je suis l'apprentissage du français and I am hoping to improve this through conversation with fluent speakers! merci beaucoup!


Bonjour, je suis américaine. Je suis intéressé pour ton groupe. Je voudrais améliorer mon français.

Hello, I am American. I am interested in joining your group. I would like to improve my French. I haven't practice French in a while and would like to talk to a native French speaker.


je suis ok! Facebook??


hi i am sjs i already know both

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