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"Tanakali sauti"


August 27, 2017



Anybody else having had to look up the English word to find out what this actually means? Not sure why this would be included in a language course for beginners.


I remember learning this in primary school, but yeah, it's not beginner stuff. It comes pretty near the end of the course though ... so if the rest of the course was actually fleshed out and not just single-word flashcards with the occasional sentence, it might not seem so out of place because you we wouldn't feel like such absolute beginners at the end of the course.


Thanks for your reply, and yes, very true. I also have a Swahili book that I am learning with, as I don't think that this course alone will get me to the level where I can actually use Swahili with any confidence. It's interesting though to hear that you learned this word in primary school. I am not a native English speaker, and in my 18 years of living in Ireland I haven't come across this before, and hadn't expected to learn new English words in a basic Swahili course :-).


It's something you learn in English literature when studying poetry. Usually about 5th or 6th grade. (which may be middle school now, depending on where you live). I actually had to look it up to refresh my memory, because it just isn't a word I use often and it gets mixed up with the other poetic terms I learned about the same time.


i've had over 8 years of college, and I've never in my life heard or read that word before. I thought they had a Swahili word in with the answers!!!


I'm quite surprised by all your comments regarding "onomatopoeia". Maybe African languages have a lot of the them. Unusual as the word sounds, it is not as scarce for me. Not that I use it everyday but still...


Seriously? The course cannot string together a simple English sentence but the word onomatopoeia is spelled correctly?


What does this word mean??


A word that is a sound. Like Bam, Pow, or Bang!


Thank you very much! The writer in me, of poetry, music, essays, etc, learned a new word today. Thank you for explaining!


Onomatopoeia is a basic figures of speech word for American students, and a favorite for my middle schoolers who liked the way it "mushed" in their mouths and helped them remember the meaning.


Interesting! Every day is a learning school.


What does tanakali mean?


According to the Swahili Wiki, the following three all mean 'onomatopoeia': tanakali / tanakalisauti / mwigo sauti. Note that tanakalisauti is spelled as one word there.



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