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Meaning and use of "kriegen"?

When I read German texts on the internet or in magazines and books I often see the word "kriegen" but haven't been able to really grasp how to translate or use it, and as of yet it hasn't come up in Duolingo's German course (I'm not quite through it, but almost). Could anyone help me with an explanation?

August 27, 2017



kriegen isn't in the German tree, but two or three synonyms are: beziehen, bekommen, erhalten.

It means 'get'. And like 'get' the definition is quite length, that is, it's used in a lot of different ways.



Basically, kriegen means the same as bekommen (to get in English). The two are interchangeable with one exception: You can use kriegen to say "Ich kriege dich", meaning "I will get you / I will catch you", in this statement you cannot use bekommen instead.


Yes, "kriegen" means the same as "bekommen", but it is only used in colloquial language, whereas "bekommen" is used in more formal language, too.


I think almost all the uses I've seen have been in dialogue.


I am very new to German but like listening to German music. I thought "kriegen" means wars, but apparently it's more like the Dutch word, krijgen or Afrikaans word bekom?


kriegen is to recieven just. it is interchangeable with bekommen

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