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Allow replay of lessons

I have started learning German. After completeing Basics 1, which consists of 4 lessons, I took a break. When I came back to it the next day, I found I had forgotten some of the words from the previous day. I wanted to go over the lessons again. When I clicked on Basics 1 - lesson 1, it started using words and phrases from lesson 2.

For instance, the german word for newspaper appeared. Now I know that in the very first lesson, all I learned was man, woman, child, girl, apple, learning, eating, and playing. Newspaper wasn't introduced until lesson 2.

The software shouldn't assume that everyones memory is perfect. If I click on the the very first lesson, it should only give me the words from the very first lesson.

March 10, 2013



As far as I understand, there is some predefined set of words for every unit; and this set is shared between all the lessons. I don't think it's a big problem. It is a little challenge that makes learning more fun; and besides, you can peek any word or use a dictionary. You managed "newspaper" in Lesson 2, so why not figure it out in Lesson 1 when you redo it?

You may want to make a list of words. I have one for German in Google Drive. I write down the word, its translation, its gender or conjugation and the unit where I first saw this word. This helps a lot if I forget something.


This helps a lot if I forget something.

Here's a suggestion that I think will help you remember those words. Forget words, remember sentences. That's one of the reasons I like the units translations of DuoLingo, the words are in context.

Try a Spaced Repetition System like Anki. It's free avaliable on IOS or Android. It will help you focus on the words that you're not familiar with and remember words that you may forget in the future. http://ankisrs.net/

If anything else, don't write a list of words, write a list of sentences that contains your target words.


Thank you for the hint olimo. The problem is that I am trying to refresh my memory from Lesson 1 and I'm seeing words that I never saw before from Lesson 2. If I run through lesson 1, I would think the software would only test me on words from Lesson 1, that's the reason I'm running through the lesson a second time.


Duolingo is not very precise with lessons. I am redoing a lot of old lessons now. Sometimes it takes up to five or six attempts to get full hearts, and I keep getting new sentences all the time. I guess we should take it as a feature :-)


Yes, it does take more tries to get through without losing all my hearts, but I guess repetition is part of the learning process. I'll just keep on it until I learn the words. :)

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