"Arlī elekossa yne ōdris."

Translation:My ears are hurting me again.

August 27, 2017

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there's no "my" in the HV sentence


I haven't reached your level yet, but wouldn't "my" ears be implied when you refer to the 1st person form of ears?


(forget about my level, that's only because i make so many mistakes and have to repeat the lessons frequently because of this.) yeah, "my" ears is what you'd expect to say in english. but there have been countless situations before where we had to translate word by word even if it sounded quite odd.


LOL yes it's never very clear. If the characters from Lewis Carroll's Wonderland ever spoke a language, I would guess it would be just like High Valyrian...


The 'my' is implied as per the tips and notes - "In general, though, if there is something else in the sentence that suggests possession, one does not need to include a possessive pronoun"

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