"Un apartament are măcar o podea, un tavan și patru pereți."

Translation:An apartment has at least a floor, a ceiling and four walls.

August 27, 2017

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I think you could get away with 3 walls, maybe in a triangle shape.


Or perhaps no walls and ceiling at all if that apartment was in fact a yurt. :)


Yurts have walls.


Interesting that you would say that. I am going to Uzbekistan soon and have been investigating whether you should stay in yurts in the middle of winter. I think the answer is no.


I stayed in a yurt one night in Mongolia in the middle of winter six years ago. It was toasty and warm inside and at least -25 outside. A yurt has a stove burning in the centre and you'll have pretty thick and heavy blankets.


That sounds wonderful. The yurt camps I looked into in Uzbekistan were closed over winter.


I was hitchhiking with local truck drivers. Yurts for tourists are surely fancier than ones for truckers (-:


Interesting indeed. I guess it depends on how authentic an experience you wish to have. :) Have a safe and enjoyable trip!
P.S. Hmm... I do wonder how useful Romanian will be in Uzbekistan. :)


Thanks I'm back now and the trip was great. I also went to Romania. I would love Duolingo to start an Uzbek language course.


We know what an appartment is in England but we tend to call them flats which DL doesn't accept - is this word never used in the USA? I wonder if it accepts condo - which we never use int he UK unless describing our American relatives' dwellings, homes or abodes.


When I lived in Chicago I lived in a 2-flat (one apartment on each floor), but that's the only time I've heard flat used in the US.


I think you could get away with 1 wall, maybe in a circular shape.


Why has nobody mentioned - DOOR??? How do you get in and out of the apartment?


N-am gresit nimic si totusi mi-a dat gresit


But why a apartment and not one apartment. Un apartment, douä apartamente!!

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