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that which or who

hi! i want to know when in phrases with more than one verb i can skip that,which or who. thanks

August 27, 2017



Did you just answer your own question?

If you're asking about relative pronouns, they can be dropped in English.

'She's the girl (that/who/which) I met Saturday.' or 'She's the girl I met Saturday.'


Some people say ''She's the girl I met Saturday'', but ''on Saturday'' is far more preferable. At least to my ears, and in UK.


Yep. Admitting the "on/in" etc is common in American English. Doesn't sound very wrong at all, although I'm sure there are some situations where it turns out terrible. Just read about this.

Edit: Just noticed you left out the "the" before UK. Was that on purpose, or...?


Can I ask you how many languages do you speak fluently? I see you have studied many languages in Duolingo


@ant450 I will assume you are speaking to me, because I have the most languages of anyone here. But it would be helpful in the future to reference such things.

None fluently. I'm currently A2-B1 at Spanish and French, and A1 at German and everything else. A few more years of studying and I'll get to B2, which is all I care for. May I ask what your native language is?


My native language is Italian, but I got a B2 certificate in English few months ago,and now when I will finish the tree I would like to get an A2 certificate in German


That's an alternative. Although I don't see or hear anything preferable about it. :)


i know (that) they can't be omitted if they are subjects in the second phrase


hello there!! you're talking about skipping that, which or who in English?


This is a good question!
English is not my mother tongue. I always have to think about this, before I write a sentence.

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