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Czech for English Speakers and Duolingo's business conduct.

Here is the update from the volunteer contributors.

Updates: nueby So we wait... 5 days ago "...and that includes the course creators. We all need to let Duolingo do its thing now. It is insane to expect us volunteers to know what Duolingo will do and when. Yet we are the ones who maintain the estimated launch date displayed to users. Apparent responsibility without control and without access.

So that is why I changed the estimated course launch date to the next solar eclipse to be visible from the continental U.S., as "no idea" in the YYYY-MM-DD format.

ETA: Thank you!"

Okay... Duolingo... I have a love/hate relationship with your website. I love everything it is and what I know it can be but I can't help but be annoyed everytime I read something like this.

To Duolingo(who may never see this): We don't expect you to be perfect and we know that patience as the site develops is necessary. But why do you guys never come out of the dark to give any information? It literally takes minimum effort to have your employees put out more updates to satisfy its users. All you need to do is type out random paragraph every once in a while telling us "what's up with course x, product y, etc." When even the people working on your site for free, like the volunteers, become disheartened, you know you have a problem. PR is seeming to be the biggest downfall of your company and PR has a huge impact on product usage, word-of-mouth effectiveness, and total profits.

Please start reaching out to us users more


August 27, 2017



I would like to point out that the current date for the Czech release was actually set by HelpfulDuo, who is not a course contributor but a staff-run account. So, even though they aren't communicating efficiently, Duolingo has been keeping track of the courses. Besides, we don't always know how they plan these things.


HelpfulDuo only did that after Nueby wrote his message coughcoughcomplainedcoughcough. Seriously, I'm with the OP on this one. Duo has been trying to give us more updates, but it isn't nearly enough. I think something that updates us once a week/month/six months would be helpful. Not everything has to be a secret.


That is a really good point. I do agree that more communication and a less wishy-washy kind of "occasional update" thing would be nice.

What I would like to know is why they have been doing things like teaming up with other companies for a college curriculum and seeming to not communicate the plans they have for the program everyone uses. Sometimes I'm wondering about the actual priorities they have.


Now I see a dragonpolygot.

Any chance related to or good friends or waterpolygot and firepolygot?


Not related to them, had some friendly chats with WaterPolyglot and FirePolyglot.


So is Polyglot a popular name or something? There sure seems to be a lot of them.


Many people either are polyglots are are in training to become one. WaterPolyglot can speak some 5+ languages to various levels. I can speak 2 comfortably and have basic knowledge in a few more.


Wow. That's good. Reading and writing them are one thing, but speaking a lot is awesome.

Yeah, I just looked up the def. for Polyglot, which I probably should have done in the first place.


I think WaterPolyglot can speak around 9 languages. :)


Unforeseen delays and problems can always happen. I'm sure Duolingo doesn't deliberately take any more time than necessary to release courses; I imagine the company generally avoids giving precise deadlines in case they should not be met, which would probably annoy the user-base here more than no deadline at all.


How do you have a Korean flag at lvl 5? Is there a way to do Korean for English speakers on a platform yet?


I signed up for the alpha test (now closed). The course will apparently be released to everyone (on mobile) on Thursday, anyway.

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