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J'en question

I'm reading a book with this sentence:

Parce que j'en ai une centaine comme ça à la réception.

and according to google it means the same as it is, as with ...j'ai une... instead of ...j'en ai une.... What is the reason for the en usage?

August 27, 2017



I think this "en" in this case means something like "of these" (I deduce this from "une centaine", which seems to refer to a countable noun in the plural form), and what "these" are depends on the context, i.e., what has been said before.

This would be my attempt at translating the sentence:

Because I have about a hundred of these at the reception.


It is indeed a difficult prounoun and has been from the start for me, and for the same reason you mentioned - we're so often unsure about why it's being used before the verb. After I watched a video I understood it much better, but I still sometimes get a bit confused. I'm actually on active look-out for such sentences, am nothing all of them down and will seek answers. If you haven't already, this video is a must-watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJt1vxCmRus


I'll keep the link you recommend but I can't use it now because I can't understand spoken French yet. Could you give me a guess as to what you think the difference would be in the two versions?

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