"Why not Tuesday?"

Translation:Perché non martedì?

March 10, 2013



Can someone please explain to me why the direction of an accent is different for some letters than in others i.e. ì, í, è and é

June 24, 2014


Can anyone explain why perche sometimes has an accent over it and sometimes not? When is an accent appropriate and when is it unnecessary?

May 16, 2015


Where have you seen it without an accent? It should always have one. http://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/italian-english/perch%C3%A9

December 13, 2015


I've just noticed that it's not marked red if you don't put the accent/grave over an i, but it always is with an e. Is this important?

March 10, 2013


Every wrong accent is in my opinion important, but i don't know how Duo consider it.

Many Italian people are confused about accents, but that's another story.

March 10, 2013


Probably because the accent over the e can completely change the word. "E" means "and" while "è" means (it/he/she) "is". An accent over the i generally can't affect the word from what I've seen so far.

June 22, 2014


I would also like to know why "a martedì" is wrong here. In (American) English it's OK to say either "we do it Tuesday" or "we do it on Tuesday."

November 3, 2014


We don't have enough information here. The previous conversation could have been : "What day of the week do you like? I like every day except Tuesday. Why not Tuesday?" Here it would not be appropriate to add "on" We just don't know if this is a conversation about doing something on a day, so without context we just can't add that word in.

October 9, 2016


Don't we need a verb to make it a sentence?

May 19, 2015


it is really not a sentence, but a "sentence fragment". In the context it may get its point across though.

February 3, 2016


I am confused that both 'non' and 'no' are correct here - can anyone throw light on this?

November 2, 2015


non = not

no = no

I suppose it is possible to say "Why no Tuesday?" but it would be less common.

October 9, 2016
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