Level 25

Got to Level 25 without as much as one kind word of congratulations from Duo :(

August 27, 2017


Congratulations! :)

Two level 25 languages! Congrats Jesusben2 on your amazing achievement!

Yeah, it's pretty anticlimactic getting to that level, which is why I take a screenshot of the level 25 ribbon before it goes away so I can cherish it forever. :-)

Congrats on the levels and the streak!!!!

Darn!! - I was looking forward to a dancing owl or something.( I'm only 1800 XP away) Congrats tho' (x2)

A dancing owl gif.

Great achievement. They do need an award for that.

Are the review lessons easy for you now.

Toutes mes felicitacions! Felicitaciones! Great job! I'm working towards Level 25 in Spanish. It's going to take awhile, but I'm marching on every day.

Did you do all your languages at one time? How long did it take you? Terrific work! Bravo!

Merci, merci. Yep, I have been working on three languages for almost two years now. Started with Italian, later added French, and lastly Portuguese. Mostly fun thus far.

Awww, thanks. There is no next level in Duo yet, but it is a nice thought. :-)

congratulations for italian and french

I'm not Duo, but congrats!

Congratulations! Tell us some tips to reach level 25. I have streak 194 days and 17 level. The tree is cold for second time. I learn English from Greek and French from English

I have a goal of 30 for each language, for each day. I keep it at ONE though (the minimum), for days when I am pressed for time, am traveling or on vacation, and lastly, I do as much as I can on each language when I have more time, but managed at least 30 most every day (about ten minutes for each language).

594 days streak!!! 3 languages perfect!!! I respect
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Congratulations. How fluent are you in the two level 25s? Great job. I don't expect to get that far in any of them, because I'm sure I'll quit before.

I understand and read between 65 and 90 percent among my three languages. I can carry on simple conversations in all three, with patient con-versants. Don't quit, it keeps the brain on ticking.

Congratulations, you're doing well.

wow you guys speak lots of languages

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