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Finally the Spanish tree is all golden!

I completed the French and Spanish trees a couple of months ago, and have been doing revision exercises every day ever since, and today for the first time I've managed to get the Spanish tree fully golden! (I started French a bit later than Spanish.) However, I'm still on level 15 and am only 48% fluent in Spanish - I don't think that has changed in the last two months. I'm now on my third set of Spanish stories which I'm enjoying a lot, but that hasn't made a difference to level or fluency percent either. I suppose the gold will still keep disappearing from this or that lesson now and then, and I'll still have to revise them for a bit longer, but if two months of this haven't raised either the level or the fluency percentage, I don't think a few more weeks would. What more does the program expect us to do?

A totally unrelated question. I have accumulated over 500 lingots, and I wonder, what do people do with them? I have already enabled idioms in French and Spanish, timed tests and set aside 10 lingots in case I miss a day. I'm not ready to learn idioms in German yet and am not interested in learning to flirt in any language.

It's a terrific language learning site, and I feel very lucky that it exists. Thank you very much for taking the time to demystify some of its aspects for me!

August 27, 2017



Felicitaciones! C'est impressionant ! Muy bien trabajo, y buena ventura con tu arbol Aleman!


The general consensus is that fluency is not an interesting number. It seems to measure how far through the tree you are and how much review you have done. It won't go past 60%. The next Duolingo step would be to do English from French or Spanish. You will get new words and phrases that way.


Buen trabajo! Sigue practicando, y buen aventura con tu arbol Aléman!


wow! well done! I think it's so hard getting them all gold- congratulations, here's a lingot.


thats really cool! I'm not even CLOSE to finishing my tree :-(


Thank you very much for your congratulations and recommendations!

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