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Verbs are quite freaking difficult

So by the old system, it was considered there are 4 conjugation types for Romanian verbs. 1. -a verbs 2. -ea verbs 3. -e verbs 4. -i/-î verbs

But the new system set by Romanian Academy in 2006, there are 11 verbs which breakdown the four types above even further for various reasons: different suffix changes/past participle/etc. OLD SYSTEM (NEW SYSTEM) 1. -a verbs (1, 2) 2. -ea verbs (8) 3. -e verbs (9, 10, 11) 4. -i/-î verbs (3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

I am still at the point where I cannot conjugate verbs perfectly by looking at the infinitive (which was possible with Spanish haha). Dexonline.ro, the dictionary that I use, shows which conjugation type - which is great.

That is all. Just a little rant.

August 28, 2017



Doamnele din romania sunt incredibil de fierbinti!


I am still at the point where I cannot conjugate verbs perfectly by looking at the infinitive

You'll never reach that point. You usually also need the participle of a verb to know how to conjugate it (and even then, you bump into sound mutations and irregular verbs).

Maybe this can come in handy: https://cum-scriem-corect.blogspot.ro/2016/11/conjugarea-verbelor.html (unfortunately it only tells you how to identify each class, but does not provide details on how to actually conjugate it; it's also in Romanian).

I gave an example from each class here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19352911


Right. It is much better to look up and learn conjugations of the verbs as you find them, because there's no way a beginners can recognize all 11 official patterns and be able to conjugate perfectly on top of that with all the sound alternations and just plain irregular verbs.


but very nice explanation on that post


Bearing in mind that I have no idea how course creation works for Duolingo nor whether it can be edited after the course is published, I was wondering whether it is possible to include a focus on verb conjugations as several modules throughout the course? In the app version especially, the course sort of drops you into conjugated verbs before even giving the infinitive form, and doesn't really give you any indication of any of the patterns. You sort of have to discern the patterns on your own, which can make an already somewhat difficult learning curve more difficult, and truthfully, it's easier to remember patterns than to have to try to determine on one's own how verbs conjugate.

I would say this was true for many of the grammatical rules presented in this course, including plurals, definitive articles, and def. plurals. It might be nice to have several modules scattered throughout that focus on one rule each.


Yeah, I am not sure how they could implement that for "teaching verb conjugations" other than explaining it further in the lesson notes (which would make it VERY long considering it would be a comprehensive one).


I guess I'm saying that they could break up the infinitive modules into conjugation families (i.e. A module for infinitives ending in a, one for those ending in ea, another for those ending in e, another for those ending in î, and one for irregular verbs).

The information is crammed together into a wall of words, and that's what makes it so difficult.

It might look something like this:

Reg. Infinitive Ending in a (Present) Lesson 1: Eu Lesson 2: Tu Lesson 3: Voi Lesson 4: Noi Lesson 5: El/Ea Lesson 6: Ei/Ele

Reg. Infinitive Ending in ea (Past) Lesson 1: Eu Lesson 2: Tu Lesson 3: Voi Lesson 4: Noi Lesson 5: El/Ea Lesson 6: Ei/Ele

Irr. Infinitives (Imperfect) Lesson 1: a avea Lesson 2: a fi Lesson 3: a vrea etc.

Something along these lines might allow learners to mentally categorize the verbs.

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