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90 Day Challenge Week 12 Updates

Good evening, challengers and those following the challenge!

The three months will be coming to a close soon! I started the challenge on May 29th, so I only have a couple more days. The rest of you have another week to go!

The moment arrived where I spoke to my grandmother in Polish! I'll warn you that it may not be the reaction you were looking for, but if you are curious, you can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWc_bK3mZzs I also talk about similarities I noticed in grammar and vocabulary between Polish and romance languages. I will be making one more video about the challenge, analyzing it, and answering the question "How much can you learn from only using Duolingo?" based on my personal experience. Of course, everyone's experience will be different, which is why I opened up this challenge to others.

To those participating in the challenge, what has been your progress this week? Do you prefer to go through the tree and complete it quickly before studying the lessons thoroughly, or do you prefer to take your time and really soak in what you're learning? What is your motivation for learning the language(s) you chose for this challenge? And lastly, what do you think about the structure of the tree and quality of the lessons (vocabulary and how grammar is introduced)?

August 28, 2017



I have only done one new Greek skill recently, namely "Adjectives-inflection".

I prefer going through this tree very, very slowly. It helps me to focus on ironing out most of the vocabulary and grammar I struggle with. So recently, I have moved on from repeating the Present Verbs skills, and I will focus on the skills relating to the adjectives this week, and perhaps even revise the prepositions.

I hope to do the Sizes, Education, and Abstract Objects 1 skills by the end of the next week too; but I do not feel the need to rush with this tree.

I really don't have true motivation for learning Greek, even though there are many native speakers in my city. I am doing it more to broaden my own knowledge and skills in language, and because I needed to do something fresh. Learning Greek also serves as a great break from the other two languages that I am studying academically at a university (French and Xhosa), so I suppose Greek is my little escape when I'm over-worked on the other languages.

The structure of the Greek course is actually quite intuitive. The sequence of skills are presented in a way that feels quite natural and logical as one progresses through them. The quality of the lessons is also very balanced out with the quantity of new information presented within each individual lesson. I have never really felt overwhelmed when doing a lesson.

An observation that I have is that I felt that the Past Tense is presented perhaps too early and I found it was quite a difficult grammatical aspect for me to get used to, but I still managed somehow!

I'm still battling with the grammatical cases in Greek; even though there are only four cases, one of which is used more rarely (Vocative), I can recognise the declension forms and their implications in a given sentence, but I sadly still cannot formulate and produce them spontaneously.

I have completed 41 skills, and I have 34 left to do, so I am more than halfway already. I'd like to finish the Tree by December, but only if it happens naturally. I'm not going to force it or rush it. After all: the more haste, the less speed!

P.S. Do you plan to maintain your Polish knowledge and/or continue revising in future?


I have the same plan to finish the Hungarian tree by December :)


The Greek tree sounds more and more enticing every time I hear about it. Isn't it funny how language-learners and enthusiasts like to "take a break" from learning a language by studying another language? It probably sounds funny to others who don't like to study languages, but I totally understand that feeling! Even in school, starting a new language and going to class was fun. Depending on how busy you are, I am sure you will be able to reach your goal of finishing the tree in December. When you do, please let me know how much you feel you've learned from it!

I do plan on maintaining and even continuing my Polish studies. I'd like to read explanations about the cases and tenses, to have a better grasp on them. However, when the Korean tree comes out, I will definitely be focusing on that for a while! I took a break from Korean (for the most part) when I was doing this challenge, even though I wasn't planning on it =(


I've done some new lessons about Maths. But I have been doing more repetitions. Answering to your question I prefer to have a golden tree and then do new lessons. This challenge gave a real motivation to learn Hungarian because (for me) it'a a very hard language. But I'm quite sure I'll buy some books to improve my skills. About Duolingo course, for me, there is too many grammar. I understand that there are a lot of Hungarian grammar constructions but some of them I don't use often even in English so I'm not sure why I should know them in Hungarian.


I'm so glad this challenge has been motivating (: That's what I was hoping! Is there a tips & notes section for Hungarian on the website version of Duolingo?


Yes, there is. But I learn mainly using an App. So I rarely read this section because when I use my computer I often forget to read it. I saw a really nice book about Hungarian grammar. I think I'll buy it someday.

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