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Why did my gems turn into lingets (and void my 7 day wager when I was 5 days in)?

I was five days into my 7-day wager (which I paid 50 gems for) and suddenly my account switched to lingets, my wager vanished, and I had to re-buy another wager (this time for 5 lingets) and start over at 0. What gives? Seems like I should at least get to keep the wager I had going if they're going to switch it up on me!

August 28, 2017



Gems are the currency on the iOS devices and Lingots are the currency on the web and all other apps. The two currencies run in parallel so your wager should be OK still but you will only see how many Gems you have is when you go back yo your iOS device.

Are you using another mobile phone ot tablet? Or the web interface?


Sounds like an upgrade/downgrade may have been forced. That's too bad you had to restart your wager, but it's not a big deal. Just keep going and you will be OK. Good luck!

Edit: Gems replace Lingots on iOS devices, apparently.


Gems have replaced Lingots, but only on the iOS devices (Apple iPhone and iPad).


I see. I stand corrected. Thanks. :)


Thanks for clarifying :) I must admit I find it pretty confusing - I have a wager in gems on my phone and a wager in lingots on the PC lol.

Just a quicky - at the moment, gems seem kind of pointless on iOS devices? All I can see that they do that lingots don't is allow you to refill your practice meter without, urm, practising... which seems silly. Do you know if the gems on the phone will get the "timed practice" from the desktop lingots? It seems other than thanking someone in the forum, that's the only thing lingots are good for.

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