"This cat is white."

Translation:Diese Katze ist weiß.

August 28, 2017

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Where is 'Kater' used as in : der Kater ist Weiss?


    Kater is specifically a male cat, like "tomcat" in English. Usually people just say Katze when the gender isn't important, as in English.

    Some other notes: The English sentence is "This cat...", so it's best that you use dies- in the German translation. Adjectives are also not forcibly capitalised (weiß). I recommend learning how to type the special characters too.


    Plz help I could not go to the next question....it is showing wrong as I have written "Diese Katze ist weiB"


    it is showing wrong as I have written "Diese Katze ist weiB"

    Yes, of course.

    Weib is an old-fashioned and rude word for a woman, and is the wrong word in this context.

    You need weiß instead -- or weiss if you cannot type the ß. Using any form of b or B in that word is wrong.

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