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Increase percent and new sentences in German


Do you know how to increase fluency percent? I do 110XP German every day.

Does the program give new sentences after a level or they are the same?




August 28, 2017


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If you mastered the grammar and the words presented, you can 'easily' improve your fluency (the real one, rather than the one you refer to) by using other language resources like:

  1. Youtube (or similar);
  2. Read (for example, there are lots of articles in Wikipedia in multiple languages)
  3. Do translation work, find a penpal
  4. Improve your vocabulary (I find Memrise very useful) ....

If you do those steps, I guarantee you that your real fluency will go up past 70%!

Regards, Daniel


I found reading and watching TV programs on target language to be most helpful.

For German language (because that is what is starter of this thread learning), there are resources such as these books with short crime stories targeted for A2 or B1 level:



They are available in most of good bookstores in Germany, and probably available for purchasing online. Some simpler (but not too simple) books are also good. I found Roald Dahl's "Charlie und die Schokoladenfabrik" rather challenging after finishing Duolingo course.

As for TV channels, best choice are channels with Hollywood blockbusters, because for many of them you don't even need sound to understand :) Also, comedy shows. If available (and if it suits taste and age), I recommend channels such as Pro7, RTL II and Comedy Central (german version of course).


IIRC, lessons are limited. After that, it's just repitition. You cannot get a fluency score of much higher than 60%. See here.


Thank you Stusstrupp, looked at the link. I am 64 % fluent in German. It is worth doing the course every day though as there are still some weaker point here and there.


That's one of the highest fluency figures I've heard reported.


Majority of words in Duolingo course you learn just by finishing course, which you did long time ago.

Further strengthening of skills will increase strength of learned words, thus improving your fluency. Also, during strengthening sessions, you may encounter some words that are somehow "skipped" previously.

Anyway, after a while progress slows down and stops completely, as there is finite number of words in Duolingo database. As Stusstrupp said, there is not much higher fluency then 60. You have 64, which is definitely highest figure I ever saw on this forums. You may be near that limit.

It is safe to say that you will probably not progress much more. It is so by design. Duolingo fluency is rough approximation calculated by number of words you learned and their "strength", and the number of available words is limited.

I am curious, what word count do you have? I have all skills golden already for some period of time, at the moment of finishing course my word count in same course (German for English speakers) was 2266 and now it is 2379, and it is still slowly rising by practicing. I saw reports with count up to 2600. I am guessing that you are probably somewhere around that number as well.


Thank you Nedim, yes, I also encounter "skipped" words and sentences, I am happy when they occur :) 2773 is my word-count.


Wow! That is impressive, and highest number I saw so far. You must be near actual word limit. Congrats!

I also have strong tree (not as strong as yours, but still) and now I am considering stopping or pausing using Duolingo because there is not much left to learn.

I will focus more on reading, TV and actual communication on German language (as I moved in Germany recently). I may continue with Duolingo if "Stories" feature is introduced for German language, or if tree is expanded soon.

Do you have any idea what is next for you in learning German language, as you apparently reached limit of Duolingo?


I started listening to German HipHop, as I love this style too. I think music and movies are one of the best ways to learn a language in a fun way.

I also feel that I am near a limit in German in Duolingo, that is why I started learning Spanish 3 days ago.

I will keep my German fresh with translating my blogs to German.

It would be great if Duolingo had more stuff to learn, so I would never reach the top :)


Hello Nedim, can you see my fluency score in English and German?


Hi Stusstrupp, ich habe mir den Link auch angesehen und finde das merkwürdig. Denn es gibt hier mehrere Leute, die einen höheren Wert haben.


Probably because you can't achieve a higher irl fluency through learning only on duolingo. It's also why your fluency stops after a certain point.


I just started German, I normally do about 110xp a day and my fluency increased much quicker than it did at French!


I've found that after you've finished the tree and finished all the levels that the best way to bump your fluency score in Duolingo is just doing more XP everyday. I'm finally at 65% for German. I had been at 63% for a long, long, time. It started notching up when I spent more time every day. I'm at over 1000 XP for the week and have been doing 500-600 per week for a while.

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